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So many of us go through our days, weeks and sometimes even months feeling uninspired, burned out and exhausted. When we look back on the previous month, quarter or even year, we realize we didn’t really get anywhere…

These people look successful on the surface, have a good career, nice home, beautiful family but somewhere along the way they got lost, don’t feel fulfilled and are stuck on the daily grind.

I’ve spoken to thousands and thousands of agents like this… They all have an interest in making more money, making the people they love proud, having more balance and time off, but what really sums it up is to have a meaningful life… One that is intentional, purposeful, rewarding where you are so inspired you can’t wait to get up in the morning and you’re in no rush to go to bed at night…. 

I was there once too, and then after being sick and tired of being sick and tired I started to look around and pay real close attention to the high performers in and outside of my industry. There is no secret to success but there are shortcuts! High performers have proven strategies, are humble enough to admit there might be a better way, are always looking for better ways, have a strong desire to get all the “meat” off the bone and are goal oriented…  

Brian Has Coached, Trained and Helped Many Industry Leaders
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